Camp Thomas E Lightfoot was a recreation facility located on the Greenbrier River in West Virginia.  
  It was established in 1941 by Koppers Coal Company, which later became part of Eastern Associated Coal Corporation. Formal operation of Eastern's camping program for employees' children ended in 1984.  

Location of Camp Lightfoot

Welcome to - note that all facilities at Camp were closed pursuant to Patriot Coal bankruptcy in May 2015
  Disclaimer: This site was developed by former counselors whose lives were shaped by their experiences at Camp Thomas E Lightfoot, in order to celebrate "memories we cherish" of campers and counselors who touched our lives over many summers there. We wish to thank "Eastern" for the opportunities their recreation programs provided. We are obligated to point out that Camp is not associated in any way with Eastern Associated nor any of its parent corporations, subsidiaries . . . .

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When I grow

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