Yo Ee Ho-o-o-o!

Arriving at Camp by bus (or by car) you leave Buck Route and wind around past the Sports Field and Swimming Pool; you see the Rec. Building, and then disembark near the Dining Hall. Next come the Announcements:

First a reminder that in Council Circle everyone is called "Brave"; this is based on a Law of the Council Circle: "All braves - no squaws." Thus, your Username = Brave

Item #2: To reduce opportunities for automated web crawlers to "mine" this site for e-mail addresses or other information, we will ask that you enter a password. The way into our site involves typing in a term describing the path all braves were required to follow on the way to Council Circle, between2trees. Just as the Law of Council Circle specified that there should be "No spaces between braves . . . to keep out the evil spirits," note that you do not use spaces in this key: between2trees